Image by Jeff Kingma

My Discovery Group Tours


First of all I will go back again and again to some of the states and countries I already pinned because there is always more to discover and explore... 

Also my intention is eventually to narrow down my niche to the Pacific Region, but until then, Europe and neighboring countries are a priority.

So here is what's on my Top 20 of places to go and anyone who would like to join me in any of these countries, I would be more than happy to make it happen! As long as you love hiking and wine tasting, and connect with the local people:

1♦ Croatia

2♦ Ireland

3♦ Scotland

4♦ Italy

5♦ Portugal

6♦ Costa Rica

7♦ Chile

8♦ The Netherlands

9♦ Greece

10♦ Japan

11♦ Cambodia

12♦ Laos

13♦ New Caledonia

14♦ Belize

15♦ India

16♦ Cuba

17♦ Indonesia

18♦ Egypt

19♦ Malaysia

20♦ Sweden