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Enchanting Rosé at SUHRU Wines

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I went on a another roséxploration recently and came across this enchanting place called Suhru. At Suhru, they make wines from varietals they love and are passionate about. Their goal has always been to source excellent fruit from the regions in New York where each variety grows best. Their wines include tank fermented crisp, dry white wines showcasing their varietal aromas, flavors, and crisp acidity as well as barrel aged and fruit forward red wines with soft tannins. The Suhru Wines portfolio contains vibrant, balanced, and approachable wines for all to enjoy. They embrace all that the East End has to offer and have incorporated the regions sense of community and familial feeling into the expression of each of the wines they create and share.

In May of 2018 Suhru Wines opened a Tasting House on Main Road in Cutchogue. They invite you to enjoy Suhru Wines in a warm, welcoming environment centrally located on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island. I was able to visit with them, interview amazing people that work their and learn about and taste their delicious rose. If you are looking for a beautiful time with beautiful wine on the North Fork Wine Trail of the East End of Long Island, NY, make sure to include Suhru Wines in your stops!

I met with Shelby, the manager and one of the owners of the winery. She's also the director of sales and marketing. The winery started in 2008, and in 2018 they opened their tasting room! Suhru's winemaker, Russell Hearn, also happens to be Shelby's father! He started making wine in 1990, so he has had years to become quite the wine-making expert. He and his wife and another couple planted a 20 acre vineyard, the T'jara vineyard, which is one of the labels they sell, along with Suhru.

"Suhru" got it's name from a collaboration between Russell's name and his wife, Susan's name, and their last name Hearn. It's a family business that not only has those three working, but also Shelby's sister. They all have their own skill that they really excel in, which makes their business run as well as it does. They're able to maintain a homey feel in their shop while growing and gaining business at the same time, which is awesome! I definitely noticed the warm, welcoming feeling as soon as I walked in.

I really wanted to visit them for their rose, of course, and I was not disappointed! They are one of the best-kept secrets of Long Island. Their rose is a fairly new wine that they offer. It's a blend of Cabernet Franc and 30% Merlot and made in the French Provence style. It has the perfect light color and just the right amount of fruitiness. There's notes of strawberry, raspberry, peach, and even grapefruit with a nice, dry finish. Get it by the bottle or even by the can!! Cans are perfect for taking to the beach, having at a BBQ, or just popping one open when you want some wine but don't want to open a whole bottle. It really is so delicious and worth the visit to go taste. The wine is amazing, the people are incredible, the location is beautiful - you definitely won't be sorry you came!

Check out their website!

Social media (facebook, instagram, twitter): @suhruwines


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