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Mataiva's Do Not Miss List

First of all, the place to stay in Mataiva is PENSION ARIIHEEVAI - unlike its only “competition” they help farmers and local artisans with the money you pay for your stay (which, by the way, includes all food and excursions!!!!)

Here are some of the must-see marvels that await you in Mataiva:

  • Papiro marae (archeological site) with a huge coral throne in the center

  • Bird island

  • Turtle Rock “Ofai Tau Noa”

  • Heart of Mataiva "Mataiva Papa"

  • Ghost ship

  • Fish parks

  • "Hoa” (small channels)

  • White sand beaches

To see my Mataiva vlogs CLICK HERE ON THE IMAGE ABOVE

Photo credit: Air Tahiti


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