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at the Ram's Head Inn,

Shelter Island, New York

"Womanpreneur on the Gram part 2"

This workshop is an extension to Womanpreneur on the Gram Part 1 and is designed to help you master the most relevant features of Instagram to aid in the evolution of your brand on Social Media

This is a 2-day workshop that focuses on getting you started with the more advanced tools that are available on Instagram to help you grow your brand/business.

Day 1 :

- Quick Recap of basic tools and sharing of the progress made so far

- Diving into the world of reels and how to create effective reels that are not trend followers but trend setters

- Step into your followers shoes

Day 2:

- Focuses on setting up shop on your Instagram and how to model your items keeping consistency and harmony with your brand.

- Bootcamp on keeping the momentum going and keeping up with the algorithm

"Womanpreneur on the Gram
Part 1"

This 2-day workshop is designed for womenpreneurs who want to grow their brand and business using the powerful social media tool that is Instagram.

Day 1:

- Understanding why you want to use Instagram as your primary marketing tool for your business

- Understanding branding and refining your brand

- Bootcamp on the main tools to use to get started

- Understanding the importance of hashtags and more tips

Day 2:

- practice of tools

- Time management & organization review

- How to effectively engage with your followers

- TIps to grow your community

- Practice through role play

- Establish a support system with other participants

- Recap and celebration

 3D Pink Flower

"The self-empowered Vahinepreneur"

Our Retreats are designed to unleash Your Inner Vahine in Power to Help Your Entrepreneurial Journey

This is a 4-day workshop that focuses on recentering yourself within your own power as a goddess. 

Day 1 focuses on the mental body

Day 2 focuses on the physical body

Day 3 focuses on the emotional body

Day 4 focuses on the Spiritual body and regroups and recenters all bodies to sync up with your heart's desire and your intention for the workshop.

3D Pink Flower
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