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for vahinepreneurs looking for a a boost in life and business


Womanpreneur on the Gram

This workshop is an extension to Womanpreneur on the Gram Part 1 and is designed to help you master the most relevant features of Instagram to aid in the evolution of your brand on Social Media

Day 3:

- Day trip to Tahiti-iti

Bootcamp on Instagram for business
Boost confidence photo session

- Dinner at restaurant

Day 4:

- Day trip to Moorea

- Bootcamp on Instagram part 2

- Dinner downtown

- Fireside

"Womanpreneur on the Gram

After settling down, and introductions, we dive right into why you signed up for this

Day 1:

- Identifying and Understanding why you are here

- Getting to the core of your expectations and desires for being here

- Bootcamp on emotional intelligence to reframe your life

- Understanding the importance of the relationship between your emotional-mental-physical-spiritual bodies

- Exploring adventure (*details provided upon signing up for this retreat)

- Dinner at hotel

Day 2:

- Yoga & Meditation

- Hike

- Beach time

- Establish a support system with other participants

- Dinner at iconic food trucks

 3D Pink Flower

"The self-empowered Vahinepreneur"

Unleashing Your Inner Vahine in Power to Help Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Day 5:

- Beautification in Nature day

- Boat tour

- Celebration

3D Pink Flower
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