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10 Unique Places to Stay in France

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Photo by Léonard Cotte

We are all suckers for unique places to stay! They raise excitement, curiosity, the sense of escape and adventure. My first time in France I didn't stay in Paris for more than five days. I was so eager to travel all over it but mostly to places that were not so popular. I was twenty three years old, I was there for a summer internship at the Sorbonne (I was a PhD Student at the time at UC Davis - I never finished my doctorate and I ended up regretting it but I also learned that regret is useless so I got over it by focusing on all the goodness I had in my life and that exists in abundance), and I also had a lot of free time to explore as part of my assignments for the Literature and Culture Department I was interning for. The professor who was my mentor at the time suggested I headed North and explored the Normandy Region and keep traveling east to Belgium. And that is exactly what I did. To this day, my favorite place to go to in France is Étretât. (If you ever want to go explore La Normandie, please let me know and I am always happy and excited to go with other people!)

So my first time in France I explored mostly the Northern part, then my second time I explored the eastern part of France, and the last time I went I did the camino that leads to Santiago de Compostella but I did it backwards simply because of circumstances at the time.

So, here are 10 Unique Places I know of that are worth staying at in France.

For an interactive map of France, CLICK HERE

1. The Pressac Floating Village in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Discover an unusual place on the water with floating huts or on stilts with eco-safari lodges and tents. Best time to go is May, June, September, October months, which is low season there.

2. The Troglodyte Hobbit House in Lavaurette, Occitanie, Toulouse. (via AirBnB)

This place is also known for its hammam spa and makes your forget where you really are but keeps you real in the Shire.

Attrap'Reves are in three different locations but I love this one the best. Take me there!

Video by Travel Insider.

4. Les Cabanes de Labrousse, St Julien Labrousse, Ardèches.

They are all treehouses or, as they call it, perched huts, all names after forest animals: Squirrel - Beaver - Hedgehog - Owl - Marmot - Fox - Panda - Bear - Deer.

Book directly on their site for special discounts!

A contemporary meets art deco champagne themed hotel with so much flair you'll want bubbly at any time of the day!

There are six luxury treehouses at Domaine de Puybeton each one names after a castle. They're fabulous! Can't wait to go there this year!

It is such a charming hotel, decorated with Moroccan inspired-themes, and extremely clean. The bar opens up to garden terrace that feels like The Secret Garden and the food is off the hook exquisite! And the suites each has a jacuzzi tub!

8. Château Les Carasses, Quarante, Languedoc-Roussillon.

A unique 19th century castle nestled in the center of a winery, surrounded by spectacular countryside and plenty of nature to rejuvenate. This is a countryside oasis where you find peace and the castle offers a lot of culture that of course includes wine tasting, musical events and more!

9. La villa Cheminée, Cordemais, Nantes.

The "Villa Fireplace," artistic and tourist element of the second edition of Estuaire, is for rent. It is part of the program of a new accommodation concept designed by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi and decorated by Nantes interior designer Yann Falquerho, featured in "Un Coin Chez Soi," translated "A Unique Corner."

Part of the Elegancia Hotels group, this boutique hotel near the Latin Quarter boasts vintage, romantic, colorful, sensual and chic elegance. Each of the 7 suites reveals a unique atmosphere. Whatever your desires, find the ideal suite to spend an unusual stay in Paris, in a charming hotel with an extraordinary atmosphere.



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