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Georgia - There's More than just Peaches

Updated: Aug 5, 2020


When it comes to Georgia, words that come to mind include home-cooking and comfort food. Don’t be surprised by the serving size and the number of fried foods or desserts. Just about anything can be fried, including okra, green tomatoes, chicken, seafood and Vidalia onions. Since 1986, the sweet onions have grown in Vidalia and 20 other Georgia counties, but nowhere else.

Peaches are to Georgia like sunshine is to summer. Take a bite out a ripe one and let the juice run down your chin. Or, enjoy all the wonderful peach pastries or canned peaches Georgia has to offer.  From pies to jellies, there are so many ways to bring the flavor of Georgia home with you. When the air is cool, a Brunswick stew is in order. With tomatoes, lima beans, corn, okra, potatoes, and chicken, beef or any game to be had, this one-dish meal will warm the whole family up on cold, Southern evening.

Grab a Coca-Cola and some boiled peanuts to enjoy the summer weather. Georgia is home to Coca-Cola, and enjoying salty peanuts goes back to the Civil War era.

Real BBQ finds a home in the South, and in Georgia you better show up early or you won’t get served. When its done right, there’s bound to be a limited supply, so it sells out early too!

There are three wineries in Georgia that really catch my eye!

Free live music, actual goats to pet, peach flavored wine, and of course a good rose - this winery seems to have it all.

Dry, sweet, or sparkling rose - this winery offers them all! Their wines are handcrafted with European influence. I'd love to enjoy a glass or two while overlooking their beautiful vineyards and cottage.

Their ever-changing wine list offers new wines to try every year! I can imagine the serenity I'd feel with a glass of their rose and being surrounded by the Georgia mountains.

Photo by Jessica Furtney


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