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5 Ways to Social Distance During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Wednesday 3/18/20.

Hello all!

I hope and pray you are all well, safe and sound, with plenty of food stocked up for at least a couple of weeks.

This pandemic certainly is putting things back in perspective for me. What's more important to us? How to revisit our priorities in these times of uncertainty? What to do creatively to keep our businesses afloat? How to social distance so I stay sane?

All these questions have been haunting my mind these past few days as I purposefully stayed and worked from home since last Friday and chose to isolate myself. Believe me, it's been tough and at the same time lovely in a sense that I have reconnected with friends I haven't checked on in a while and spoken with family members more often.

And I refuse to let this virus take over my life! Covid-19 will not take the best of us. So I decided that there are plenty of ways to find happiness during this time where we are asked to self-quarantine or social distance.

Let's review what social distancing mean?

Social distancing is a public health practice aimed at keeping healthy individuals away from sick individuals but mostly to keep from spreading the virus. It is used to reduce the spread of highly contagious diseases and is the most responsible thing to do as a respectable human being. It includes shutting down schools, closing restaurants or just provide take-out options, canceling flights, closing recreational facilities, gyms, and all other public areas…basically canceling everything that leads people to mingle in mass. So I am taking my own sanity in charge with 5 simple ways to gratifyingly social distance?

1. Take a hike!

I mean just go for a nature walk. Recharge by connecting with nature and breathe some fresh air. After work today I decided to go spend some time by the water and opted for the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge.

I was surprised to see how so many people had the same idea! It was nice to see people doing their best to cope with the pandemic by spending time with nature. Children playing and running around in the beach warmed my heart to see that but the highlight of my time there was coming across three guys who were picking trash up with smiles on their faces. That totally inspired me and I plan on doing the same tomorrow!

To those three guys Thank you for what you were doing and thanks for taking the time to talk to me fearlessly about your joy of doing something good and useful instead of being negative about the coronavirus. You guys ROCK!!! @lfgarcia91 @chrcardona

2. Video Call family and friends.

Now is as good a time to catch up on overdue calls to family and friends, and event clients.

There are so many options like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Instagram... Just search for video calling apps and you'll find a bunch! I personally love WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger - and it's free!

3. Arrange to visit a friend who needs it...

by meeting up somewhere in a parking lot and talk with each other from sitting in your car, at a reasonable distance. I did it with my friend Paulette. She came over and we chatted outside - she stayed in her car while I sat outside on the other side of her car and we just chatted within reasonable distance from each other and it was lovely!

4. Learn something new

like a language - I have always regretted not learning German when I lived in Germany for five months in 2005 while there for the pre-production of MI3. I always told myself that one day I will take the time to learn it even if it means going back there for three months just to take their language learning intensive programs. Perhaps it is as simple as learning with Drops or Babbel here in the comfort of my own home. What about you, what language would you like to learn?

5. Power up on your LinkedIn

Now, more than ever, is a time to restructure, reformat, or redesign your business. It's easy to get stuck, not knowing how to strategize. An easy way to do so is to connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs like you on LinkedIn. I love LinkedIn for that reason and many others. I use LinkedIn to gather information pertinent to travel vlogging, to connect with others who do the same, to get ideas on how to spruce up my businesses where it needs it.

SO, roll your sleeves up and get savvy with LinkedIn, grow your network and don't be afraid to ask for assistance. That is what LinkedIn is for!

There are many other ways to social distance gratifyingly but I figured 5 simple ways is a good start; I hope this inspires you to make the best of this time of social distancing. And if you need someone to talk to, I am here, available and happy to connect. Just connect with me through my social media and we can arrange for a video call or just phone call, whatever you need, especially if you are feeling depressed.

*Find me @noerosetravels and on Twitter @noeroseblog, or simply email me through my site.


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