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Where to stay in Moorea with pet sharks

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

It was a good fifteen minutes to the boutique

hotel from the Ferry dock in Moorea. It was overcast and I was recuperating from sea sickness. Ugh!

After a $30 taxi ride, we pulled into a small parking lot with a front office that didn't look like much. The receptionist was very welcoming and we soon were in our deluxe bungalow, one of nine other on the premises.

Linareva Hotel Resort in Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti, is in Haapiti, beachside, although there isn't much of a beach and the lagoon is not really swimmable because of coral but most importantly, because the hotel's pets, Reef and Lemon sharks, frolic around in there and even though the hosts say they're harmless, no one goes in there! And as much as I love adventure, I've been bit by a shark when I was 17, that was plenty for a lifetime!

Besides the fact that you could swim with sharks here, the hotel itself is beautiful, quaint, clean, and affordable. It gets booked all ear-round so plan early if you want to stay here. You have kayaks, bikes, snorkeling gear at your disposal. You can opt for breakfast to be served to your bungalow or on the common "Fare Pote'e" covered deck overlooking the lagoon right in the center along the beach.

The resort is for sale if you are interested and if so, just email me about it. I have all the information for it.

Now enjoy the little video I took at shark feeding time!


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