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My 2020 Intentions & primary goal with this blog

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I started the year full of hope and renewed sense of awe and adoration for the planet we all share. I look back on my very first trip solo when I was 17 years old and indefinitely leaving my maternal home of Tahiti at 19 years old. Since then I have lived in my paternal home of Hawaii, I have lived in Utah, California, Berlin - Germany, Cape Town - South Africa, London, Massachusetts, and currently the Hamptons in New York. I have also traveled to many places but all of my photos and souvenirs from my travels burned in a fire - this is a story that prefer not to talk about more because up until today, I had been feeling sick over it. With this new year I reframed that situation and realized that nothing is lost after all. I am simply going to go back to all those places I have visited over the years and vlog about it all!

So here is how I am starting 2020 - My intention moving forward in life is to go back to all the places I’ve traveled and see how it’s changed, and this time document all my adventures properly, with more appreciation, more savoir faire in terms of traveling and learning about the cultures, taste more foods, enjoy it all more! So this is it, I am adding to my list of new places to go the list of the places I have already been and this time, I will no longer be solo, you get to be part of it all!

Furthermore, with my blog/vlog, my primary goal is to help you overcome depression and empower yourself through exploring your surroundings and travel to new places. Furthermore, I wish to inspire you to get happier by following your heart‘s desire, and hopefully give you that nudge to just make the decision that will change your life for the better forever! I did it, so you totally can do it too!

So follow me on my adventures, whether they're just in my backyard, a train ride away, or a flight away and let's live la vie in rosé color together - I call it "Let's Explorosé!"



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