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How I Lost Track of Time at Channing Daughters

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I'll just say that I was at work, then went to some Open Houses in Bridgehampton with Kate Montroni, then we ended up at Channing Daughter on the way back from open housing, then we sipped on a flight we shared for tasting, then we asked so many questions and became friends with the manager and the other people there, and next thing we knew it was time for dinner which we had at Bobby Vans'. Phew!

A good intro is this short vid that Kate did and I'm also posting a more serious vid I did of our afternoon there.

The Channing Daughters winery produces about fourteen thousand cases of wine a year spread across nearly three dozen different bottling’s. They create single vineyard varietal wines and blended wines, wines made with indigenous, wild yeast as well as selected yeast, and occasionally a blend of both. Some wines are filtered and fined, some are not. Stainless steel tanks and barrels as well as French, Slovenian, American and Hungarian oak barrels are used in various sizes, formats, percentages and ages. They co-ferment white and red fruit. They ferment some white wines on their skins. They do everything by hand in small batches with lots of love and attention in order to fulfill their commitment to quality wine in the bottle. And all of their wines, at least the ones we sampled deliver total deliciousness. I ended up taking three different bottles home.

Yes, I admit it, I let myself go that day... but I don't regret it! We had fun and made new friends. Life is way too short for regrets and the way I look at it, is that it felt darn good to lose track of time for once. The wine was delicious and Anthony was entertaining and a well of knowledge. This is definitely a must-go-to winery when you come visit the Hamptons! And be willling to forget about time because you step into a time warp once you walked through their doors! (And that's a compliment if you are wondering.)

Channing daughters tasting room

Working as a realtor in the Hamptons can be grueling. It's seven days a week, 24/7 lifestyle. If you are going to choose to be in the real estate business, be sure you are willing to breathe, eat, sleep and repeat non-stop. I chose it so I take responsibility for making it happen but for also allowing myself time to let lose. I find it important to retain my sanity.

What do you do to decompress?


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