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3 Bora Bora Hikes You Must Do

For all the following hikes, just locate them on google maps and you'll find the trails easily. Another great resource is to follow my friend on instagram at @tahiti.rando - He is one of the most reliable hiking expert I know in Tahiti.

1- Canon WW2 of Anau trail - this is also where you will find Hiro’s Finger, (Finger of God) rock formation, pointing at wrongfully named Mount Otemanu (the real name is Mount Ta’i Manu) on the way to the US Army canons from the Washington Navy Yard installed here in Bora Bora in 1942 by the Seabees. A lot of history here involving the USA which is worth knowing about... and you can hike down to the end at Fiti'u'u Point.

2- Mt. Pahia Summit - Another hike that leads to Mount Ta’i Manu (known as Mt Otemanu but that’s the wrong name). I bowed at the majesty that the Pearl of the Pacific represents for itself and these islands. The views from here are absolutely breathtaking and very humbling. You will enjoy views over Vaitape and Motu To’opua from the Mount Pahia, Bora Bora, French Polynesia 🇵🇫

This hike starts at the @boraboraquadadventures location and is one of many paths that lead to different outlook areas, one of which is where two of the 8 cannons left on island by the US Navy (Seabees) back in the 1940’s. Views from up here are worth every step and I’m grateful for all the Seabees that, in the course of 7 weeks frayed the majority of today’s hiking trails here, aside from the old water irrigation system.

3- Mt Popoti Trail - This trail is probably the most challenging on all 3 but way worth it! You will have 360degree views of the entire Bora Bora surrounding lagoons of 50 shades of blue and its motu. I was speechless!


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