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5 Best Places for Poké Bowl in NYC

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I am a huge poké bowl fan and I am on a mission to find the best poké in the city.

I am mostly pescatarian and with my dual South Pacific background I grew up with the best poké of both worlds. In Tahiti, it would be the Poisson Cru. The Hawaiian Poké is prepared differently but tuna is still the main ingredient.

I have been craving poké lately so to satisfy my longing for it I decided to go to the city and challenge myself to find the best poké in the city.

When I looked for poké bowl places in NYC, I was uber shocked at how many poké bowl places exist - there are in total forty poké joints listed in the search results for Poké in NYC but some of them are actually in New Jersey or Long Island City and nearby areas!!! I had no idea! When I think I have been depriving myself for the past couple of years being in the Hamptons, I feel ridiculous!

There is a chain called Poké Bowl that has locations in several locations throughout the city.

I picked 10 places out of the list that Google enumerated, and I am going to try 5 of the highest ranked places today and let you know which of those five places has the best poké.

Watch the video that I'll post later to find out which of the following 5 is the winner!

Photo by Don Daskalo on Unsplash

1. Poké Bowl, on 104 Fulton St.

2. The Poké Spot, on 120 & 4th Ave.

3. Wisefish Poké, on 263 W & 19th St.

4. Poké Inn, on 357 W & 49th St.

5. Pokéteria, on 3 E 36th St.

6. MomenTea, on 64 & 7th Ave.

7. Pokeworks, on 63 W & 37th St.

8. Kome Waza, on 40 Water St., Financial District location (They have another location in Upper East Side).

9. Yong Kang Street, on 1000 S & 8th Ave, #9, Columbus Circle.

10. Gu Japanese Fusion Sushi & Bar, on 155 E & 52nd St.


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