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The 5 Travel Bloggers I Follow & Learn From the Best

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

They are the ones who inspired me to get started when I had shied away from it for so many years. They are the ones who inspire me every day. They are the ones who helped me wake up, see the light, and smell the roses, and I have deep respect and admiration for them.

1 - @fromtourist2townie - Gareth Leonard.

I was a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown - he had so much heart and soul in his documentaries and it always elevated my spirit. He had a knack for laying down the underlining truths of political and economic issues in every country he went and was so brilliant and eloquent in his conveying of deep truths about other cultures we know so little about and Gareth Leonard is another version of Anthony Boudain. It's a compliment and I hope you all understand that if you are only looking to travel deeper, Gareth is the guy to follow.

Here is the video that got me hooked just cuz this is my aina:


2 - @bemytravelmuse - Kristin Addis.

I love her because she also has substance and her travel philosophies rely heavily on spiritual growth and self-empowerment. She says it in one of her video and ever since then, the impact of that video was so huge on me that I am a huge fan and she her photos are divine!

This is the video that got me hooked on her:


3 - @joliejanine - Janine

She is young, brutally honest, unapologetically herself and encourages everyone to follow their bliss, which I firmly adhere to as well.

This is the video that got me hooked on her:


4 - @lostleblanc - Christian LeBlanc

I love watching him and his girlfriend's adventures. They have such amazing chemistry and it's easy to tell how much they care for each other. Together they make traveling look idyllic and I also love how balanced they seem to be. He is very posed and level-headed, practical and caring. She is beautiful, fiery, charismatic and wise at the same time. They both inspire me to live life to the fullest and to believe in what I am doing.

Here is the video that got me hooked on them:


5 - @hopscotchtheglobe

Just because she is a powerhouse and it's a family and I just love her energy! Kristen and Siya not only travel the globe but they do it Tiny House Nation style, which I love, and they also invite you on group trips they arrange and organize to help you discover the world with other like-minded people and they make it fun and sweet.

Here's the video that got me hooked:

Now you have my 5 Travel Bloggers I follow religiously and inspire me. I hope they inspire too. Make sure to follow then and subscribe to their channels.

*Disclaimer: The five above-mentioned bloggers have no idea I even wrote this entry. This is NOT a paid entry. I genuinely love these guys and use them as my guide to grow in my own journey as a travel blogger.



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