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5 Reasons to Visit Moab Winery

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Cheers from Spanish Valley, Moab, Utah.

The @moabwinery in Spanish Valley, UT, was delightful and all the wines they offered from Riesling to gewürtstraminer to cherry wine to Cabernet to Syrah is simply delicious one after the other.

I came out with a bottle of the 2018 Gewürztraminer and a bottle of the Syrah.

If you come to Moab, you have to do a Happy Hour here! I met amazing people here too like fellow road tripper @alice_gottesman, also from Long Island, NY, and Christina with @mrwinston

I invite you to watch the short video below to meet your host at the tasting room -

* If you’ve been here, which of their wines is your fave?

Top 5 Reasons to Visit

  1. Locally Grown. The grapes used to create wines are all grown right in Moab at their vineyard.

  2. Fresh Taste. The winemaker carefully monitors each step of the process, from vine to bottle, to ensure the flavors are exactly as we intended them to be.

  3. Family Business. The vineyard, bed and breakfast, and winery are all family-owned! They take great pride in their vines and their wines. Support local small family business.

  4. Location. Only a short 10 minute drive south of Moab set against stunning redrock cliffs, it is definitely worth the drive.

  5. Exclusive. One of the only vineyards in Moab, they take great pride in being the only location that produces single-vineyard estate-bottled wines in the area!

Moab Winery vineyard dates back to 1979 as a Utah State University agricultural project to determine what industries could supplant the waning uranium mining industry. While it has changed owners, and sections have been replanted over the years a few of their vines have deep roots here in the Spanish Valley.

First Photo with man: Moab Winery, the rest are mine.


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