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Today is National South Dakota Day - 5 Wineries to visit in South Dakota

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Photo by Jonathan Mast @jonathanmast on Unsplash

Today is NATIONAL SOUTH DAKOTA DAY - so in honor of it I decided to write a little

something and of course, what better else to write about but where to have a taste of South Dakotan rosé.

It turns out the Mount Rushmore state has eighteen main wineries and after doing some research here are the five I chose to feature because of their rosé selection, and also the ones that I plan on visiting when I make it to the state of the American Pasque flower.

1. Belle Joli Winery - Sturgis, SD

2. Firehouse Wine Cellars - Rapid City, SD

3. Naked Winery - Hill City, SD

Naked Winery - Custer, SD

4. Strawbale Winery - Renner, SD

5. Wilde Prairie Winery - Brandon, SD

Photo by Stephen Oliver on Unsplash


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