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Updated: Apr 15


I didn’t spend enough time in Nebraska but those 3 sites are now in my bucket list. The pups and I Stayed in Kearney and made a stop in Sidney to check out the Living Memorial Gardens, because someone at the hotel recommended it. I’m so glad I stopped there. I met one of the docent of the site and she shared a bit about how the volunteers organize themselves to keep these gardens beautiful Ly landscapes all year round.

The Living Memorial Gardens in Sidney, Nebraska is a beautiful outdoor space that serves as a living tribute to the men and women who have served our country in the military. The garden features a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs, as well as memorials and statues that honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Visitors can walk along the winding paths and reflect on the sacrifices of our military men and women, or sit on one of the many benches scattered throughout the garden and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The Living Memorial Gardens is a wonderful place to pay tribute to those who have served our country while also enjoying the natural beauty of the Nebraska landscape.

If you ever drive through here, make sure to do a pit stop here and have lunch at @rocksportsbarandgrill

Here are three best rated outdoor activities you can do in Nebraska:

  1. Visit the Chimney Rock National Historic Site: Chimney Rock is an iconic geological formation located in western Nebraska, and is considered one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States. It was a famous landmark along the Oregon Trail and is now a national historic site where visitors can hike around the area and take in the scenic views.

  2. Go hiking or camping in the Niobrara River Valley: The Niobrara River Valley is located in north-central Nebraska and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state. The area is known for its sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, and wildlife. Visitors can hike the trails or camp near the river for a peaceful outdoor experience.

  3. Go camping and stargazing at Lake McConaughy: Lake McConaughy is a man-made reservoir located in western Nebraska that offers a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, boating, and swimming. At night, the clear skies provide an excellent opportunity for stargazing and enjoying the Milky Way.


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