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The Best Place for Neapolitan Pizza in the Hamptons

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I was hungry for pizza, which doesn’t happen very often, in fact very rarely. I didn’t grow up with it as part of our diet in Tahiti and it is not until I came here to New York for the first time 10 years ago that I fell in love with it.

I love Neapolitan pizza the most and I found where they have the best in the Hamptons!

Sag Pizza! @sagpizza, also has a wonderful Happy Hour Tuesday thru Friday from

5-7pm serving $4 bottled beer, $6 tap beer, $7 tap wine, $8 cocktails!!!

I had Kind of given up on finding the best Neapolitan pizza here when I decided to just step into Sag Pizza in Sag Harbor whole in my way to my car after a business meeting.

I was greeted by a Bea Jamaican woman named Shawna and when I said I was there just for one slice of pizza she right away suggested the Neapolitan pizza! Was that a sign or what??!!

It was delish and I’m so happy I finally know where to go for my favorite slice of pizza which saves me going all the way to the city!

Enjoy the video!

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