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The Best Pastries on Maui

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

As I was strolling the plaza in Kaanapali I saw people coming out of the Lulu Lemon store with pastries in hand! Hoi Hoi Bakery was doing a pop-up there and of course I couldn'resist! That is one of the three times only in my life that I ever stepped into a Lulu Lemon store! I have such negative experience with that brand that I don't own any clothing item that bares that logo. I am a Fabletic girl!

If you still want to explore other places on Maui for pastries, consider:

- Leoda's Kitchen Maui - There is usually a line so DO NOT go during peak hours, meaning lunch time, tea time, Happy Hour time. This places makes some of the most mouthwatering pies on Maui and is my second favorite place to go not only for pastries but also for burgers.

- The Maui Cookie Lady - Has the best cookies because they're fat and The Rock loves them, amongst other celebrities who have endorsed it on social media! But you don't have to wait to go to Maui to get some, you can order online and it's worth every penny!

- The last place I'll tell you to consider is actually a grocery store in Pukalani on your way to Kula. It's as local a store as you'll get and they sell the best home-made pastries made by local wahines. It's the Pukalani Superette. I would drive all the way there from the South side just to get the haupia pie, which is to die for in my book! But you have to try it for yourself. And while you are up there, might as well just go all the way to the crater, or make a stop at the Kula Lodge for some Instagram worthy pix, and the Lavender Farm is also worth the stop. And last but not least, the Ulupalakua Vineyard is a must-destination as well! The Lokelani Sparkling Rosé is my fave and I have yet to taste their 2018 Rosé. Anyone wants to go with me?

Have you been to Maui yet? If so, what was the highlight for you? I would love to hear your story. Would you go back? I am planning a private retreat there for wine lovers, which would include the Maui Film Festival - Would you join me for that adventure?



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