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Blow Hampton in Bridgehampton

Blow Hampton is a one-stop, two-in-one beauty salon and fashion boutique. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but once you step inside you quickly realize hoe huge this place is! The staff is welcoming, dedicated, and relentless about keeping square on Covid-19 regulations. There is Plexiglas for protection, temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and they even have customers sign waivers to ensure they won't be responsible if anything happens to them. What a crazy time!

Blow Hampton was originally a small, 600 sq ft shop down the road from where they are now. At first they just offered blow-drying services, until Sherri added hair color and cuts, until eventually they became a full-service salon! They're now in a 3,000 sq ft space that's big enough for them to do everything they do now - hair, nails, and even spray tans and more. During busy summers they provide employment for around 20 people! That's a lot for that kind of business, but it's awesome that they can do that.

I usually go to Ludby at 71 Studio Spa in Southampton for hair matters, but I come here to get a blowout when I have an important event to attend and between meetings when I'm on a time crunch. It's super convenient; it's right across the street from my brokerage office. I appreciate how fast they are! I'm usually out of there within 30-40 minutes. That's starting with a hair wash to getting it styled, and everything in between!

Many thanks to Sherri, the manager of 7 years, for coordinating this vlog with me even though she was super busy! I appreciate everyone there and loved talking with the kind staff members and owner, Rochelle. If you're in the Hamptons/Bridgehampton/nearby and looking for a place to get beautified, this is the place to come! This place has a great ambiance and they take their business seriously.

Oh, and if you go in for a blowout, ask for Oscar! ;)


FOLLOW THEM ON IG: @blowhampton

Check out my vlog, and enjoy!


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