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Cool Mural in Kanab

Kanab-e any cooler than my stay here?

I Had a fantastic time in Kanab and with yet so much more to see and explore but it’s time to part…

On my way out, this really cool mural of wings as you enter Kanab from the North, on your left handside caught my attention. You can’t miss it!

Popping out of the front entrance of a yoga studio with "Anahata*" crowning it, the piece perfectly captures the spirit of the community, while providing a stunning artistic interpretation of the culture of the area.

(*Anahata refers to the “unstruck sound” symbolizing the energy of transcendental consciousness.)

Today, the mural serves as a reminder of the spirit of Kanab and the beauty of the area. It has become a beloved landmark in the community. It is a symbol of hope and pride, and a lasting legacy of the area's culture and beauty, and of course, a great photo opp for the Gram!


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