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Coral Reefs in Iowa?!

I loved Coralville, Iowa; it was fun, clean , super friendly and innovative. It also was surrounded by wetlands and a beautiful river walk pathway! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to spend more time here and I would definitely go back to explore more of it and this is why:

Coralville is a city located in eastern Iowa, United States, with a population of around 20,000 people. It is the location of the Edgewater Park Site, a 3,800-year-old archaeological site along the Iowa River, (which Appa & Khaleesi enjoyed very much!).

Edgewater is the oldest site in Iowa with evidence of domesticated plant use.

Coralville was incorporated as a city on June 1, 1857. The city's name is derived from the fossils that are found in the limestone along the Iowa River. In 1864, Louis Agassiz, a Harvard University zoologist, gave a lecture at the nearby University of Iowa titled “The Coral Reefs of Iowa City”. During the lecture, he presented local samples of fossilized Devonian period coral. The lecture was well received and helped raise public interest in the local fossils. In 1866, more corals were discovered at the site of a new mill, inspiring the citizens of the area to name the settlement "Coralville".

The first mill at Coralville was built in 1844, and in the years that followed, a number of mills were powered by the Coralville mill dam along the Iowa River, but all of the mills had closed by 1900, except for a low-head hydroelectric plant that remained in operation until the mid 20th century.

What makes Coralville more unique is its location, as it sits at the intersection of two major interstates, I-80 and I-380, making it a hub for transportation and commerce in the region. Additionally, Coralville is home to the Coral Ridge Mall, one of the largest malls in Iowa, with over 100 stores and restaurants. The city also has a strong commitment to sustainability, with a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives and programs in place, such as the use of renewable energy sources and recycling programs. Coralville is also home to the Iowa River Landing, a mixed-use development that includes a hotel, conference center, restaurants, and retail shops. Overall, Coralville offers a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, with plenty of opportunities for both recreation and commerce.

Would you visit Coralville?


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