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Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Bass Lake, California, staying at The Pines Resort

Welcome to another exciting adventure on! This time, I am taking you on a journey to the stunning Bass Lake in California. Nestled in the Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake is a hidden gem that offers not only natural beauty but also off-the-beaten-path trails, local cuisine, and a taste of the wild west. Join me as I embarked on a 4-night, 5-day trip filled with outdoor exploration, delicious food, and a visit to the legendary Bandit Town.

Day 1: Arrival in Bass Lake

  • After a picturesque drive, I arrived at The Pines Resort, home for the next four nights. The resort's cozy accommodations in one of the chalets and stunning lake views immediately set the tone for my Bass Lake adventure.

  • I kicked off my staycation with a lakeside lunch at Ducey's on the Lake. Fresh seafood and stunning views made for the perfect introduction to Bass Lake.

  • In the afternoon, I drove around the lake, stopping and taking in the serene beauty of the lake's many parks.

  • As the sun set, I indulged in a farm-to-table dinner at The Forks Resort Restaurant, savoring the flavors of the region.

Day 2: Off the Beaten Path Trails

  • Day two was all about exploring nature's wonders. I visited the underrated Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias, where the Shadow of the Giants Trail introduced us to the colossal sequoias.

  • A picnic lunch amidst these giants was a truly memorable experience.

  • In the afternoon, I discovered Willow Creek Trail, a lesser-known gem with stunning lake views. A refreshing dip in the lake was the perfect way to cool off.

  • I wrapped up the day with a delicious dinner at Ducey's on the Lake, savoring the salmon dish.

Day 3: Beasore Road, Jones Store, Chilkoot Lake hike

  • On day three, I embarked on a scenic drive up Beasore Road, a winding mountain road offering breathtaking vistas.

  • My lunch stop at the historic Jones Store was a highlight. The famous tuna melt sandwich and a slice of pie left my taste buds dancing.

  • The drive continued, and I stopped for a hike to Chilkoot Lake, a hidden gem not far from Bass Lake. The hike offered peaceful escapes and stunning lake views.

  • Back in Bass Lake, I enjoyed a drink at The Pines Bar and seafood dishes at Bass Lake Pub.

Day 4: Paddle board, Angel Falls hike, Wine Tasting

  • Day four called for a day on the water with a paddle board and another hike to Angel Falls

  • I then drove to Idle Hour Winery & Kitchen for a Wine Tasting experience.

  • The day ended with wood-fired pizzas and cocktails at The Ducey's Bar & Grill, a perfect last night in Bass Lake.

Day 5: Bandit Town and Farewell

  • My final day in Bass Lake took an exciting turn as I made my way to Bandit Town, a unique old west-themed attraction.

  • I was hoping to enjoy a hearty cowboy-style meal but it was closed so I just walked around and took photos.

  • It was time to head out, I bid farewell to Bass Lake, taking with me memories of its natural beauty, local flavors, and a taste of the wild west.

Bass Lake, California, has proven to be an exceptional destination for those seeking a mix of nature, adventure, and local charm. From hidden trails and delicious local cuisine to the unique experience of Bandit Town, this 4-night, 5-day trip left me with memories I'll cherish for a lifetime. I actually think that I want to go back in the winter and do some ice skating on their new ice rink which opens mid October! And truly, there is just endless nature excursions to do in that area with Yosemite and the Sierra National Forest as close neighbors


I can't wait to share more exciting adventures with you here on!


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