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Four Massachusetts Wineries to Visit

Photo by Kevin Long

There was a time in my life when I lived in Massachusetts, and I loved it there. There's Boston, clam chowder, and gorgeous beaches. Cape Cod is hands down one of my favorite places. There are sooooo many things to do there! One thing I haven't done there yet is visit local wineries. I researched and found some, and wanted to recommend them to you guys! Check them out!

This vineyard looks absolutely beautiful! I love that it's located between the ocean and Cape Cod Bay. They offer wine tastings, have a gift shop, and offer free tours. Go thirsty AND hungry because there's cheese options in their gift shop and a food truck right next to them!

They have handcrafted wines made from their own vineyard grapes, as well as more grapes sourced from other wineries in Massachusetts, New York and California. Their Lighthouse Wine series has a rose that sounds absolutely delicious, and is the most beautiful color. It'll definitely be the first wine I try when I visit them.

Okay, first of all I just have to say that they have Rose Mermaid Water here. This is an absolute must try! This winery is just three miles from the beach, so it's perfect. Taste some wine before spending the rest of the day by the water. Go for a wine tasting and enjoy time with your friends, family, and the family that owns the winery. They have live music on Thursdays through Saturdays - it sounds like winery offers the most perfect, blissful time.

This winery's tasting room has been voted the best, so I definitely have to give them a visit to see if it's true! This winery makes all their wine in house from grapes they harvest from trusted California vineyards. Their wines sound delicious and they have tons of variety of wines made from different fruits. During a tasting here you can try their red wine chocolate sauce and their turbo wine slushy! Perfect for summer months! You can even reserve the winery for small or large events.

I really want to visit this winery to try their cranberry infused wine! They have a lot of weekly events you can see on their website and choose which you'd like to be there for. They offer tours and tasting flights every single day, so it'll definitely be possible to visit. I can't wait!



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