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Good Vibes and Great Food

I recently took another quick trip to Montauk, one of my favorite towns in the Hamptons. I am so glad I took this trip because I ended up finding my number one FAVORITE burger place called Montauk Circle Burger. Their signature burger and vegan burger are both delicious. I'm super excited to share this place with you all! Keep reading all about it!

Montauk Circle Burger just celebrated their one-year anniversary this summer! I had so much fun meeting and spending some time with the staff here. The owner, Monica Whelan, is so fun and genuine, and I can tell how passionate she is about making good food. Monica's goal is to make sure everyone who steps into her restaurant feels good about being there! Her husband and super enthusiastic staff help her with that and make that dream come true. Go check it out and feel the good vibes for yourself! Get cozy with one of their signature drinks or a glass of locally made wine.

If you're craving a good burger I urge you to come here and get your fix! Even if you're vegan they have burger and other options suited for you, so you won't be disappointed. Their "classic American menu" has burgers, of course. But, it also has great salads, seafood dishes (as much locally caught seafood, might I add), and a different special each week! A few of the staff favorites from the menu include the Signature Burger, Buffalo Turkey Burger, Vegan Burger, Fish Taco Burger, Hangover Burger, Summer Beet Salad, Fried Clams, Feta Chicken Sandwich, and the Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. I mean, seriously?! What other place do you know of has a fish taco burger? And a monster cookie ice cream sandwich?? Doesn't the name of it just make you smile?

Thanks to the state of New York recently transitioning into phase 3, Montauk Circle Burger can seat you in their dining room again! There's only about 12 seats though, so you'd have to be quick to snag a spot inside unless you're okay with sitting outside. Soon they'll have live music back for more entertainment!

When you come to Long Island you have to visit the Hamptons, and one of those must sees in the Hamptons is Montauk! So, while you're in Montauk, it'll be impossible not to stop at Montauk Circle Burger. It just has to happen! I cannot recommend it enough.

Check out my vlog to hear more from Monica and her staff!


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