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How I Make Extra Money as a Blogger - 3 ways

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Let's be real, if you are blogging full time, chances are you're already started making money off of it or you're having to work other gigs to make money until your blog is a money-making machine. In this blog I will just share with you what I do in order to be able to live within my means, pay my bills, and still travel.

1 - Real Estate Agent

I am a New York State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and my niche is the Hamptons Market.

I was already working in real estate back in Hawaii before moving to New York. THe market is satiated with real estate agents but only 30% actually produce and work at it full-time. I enjoy doing it because I love meeting people and help them sell their house or find their dream home. And in the Hamptons, even though it is not glamorous, it is always very rewarding. I had come to the Hamptons to organize a gala fundraiser. I was hired by a company and it was supposed to be a six-month gig. I stayed for another event to organize and got my license while working at it. It is fairly easy to get licensed here, you take a 75-hour course, you take the course exam, then you take the state exam, and within three days you find out whether you passed or not. Then you need to interview with real estate brokerages to be sponsored and work within that company and they are the ones that make your license official. Here is how I did it:

  • First decide whether you are going to take the course online or actually go to a class. I opted for physically going to a school. The one I went to was The American Real Estate School in Hauppauge on Long Island, NY. If you decide to do it online, I recommend The CE Shop - their customer service is top-notch and they make it so easy that it's pretty impossible to fail.

  • Opt for the 9-day intensive course. It goes by fast that way and you'll be happy you got it done and over with. Then of course, take it seriously and pass the course exam. Without pass you cannot apply for the State Exam, even if you can prove that you have completed the course. If you opt for the online route, you have a year to complete the course. Again, just get it done in as short a time as possible.

  • Once you pass the course exam, go to your state government site and apply for the State exam. I encourage you to take it as close to your last day of class as possible so everything is still fresh in your mind. Then take the exam and kick ass! I took it in Manhattan and passed it with flying colors.

  • Select the brokerages where you want to interview. They all have something to offer you but remember that you have also a ton to offer, including making them money as well, so be confident, assertive, and punctual! Go in with questions you want to ask them. You are interviewing them as much as they are you. Act like a business owner already! I had a typed up a questionnaire of all the questions I wanted to ask. I am happy to share it with you if you would like a copy. Just email me and ask.

  • Make your choice and place your license there with pride.

  • Show up everyday and learn the systems used by the company as well as others. Learn to navigate MLS like a pro. Focus on what will make you money.

  • Start building yourself, your real estate agent's brand on social media. Sky's the limit. I use LinkedIn like there's no tomorrow to get leads and learn from others. My real estate Social Media brand is Luxe Life Hamptons.

  • Conduct yourself professionally and as a business owner, because you're now basically one.

2 - Shopify Store

I do enjoy fashion and I am a mermaid at heart so I combined both loves into a dropshipping store I built with Shopify and so, I'm an online store owner and you can too!

My stores are:

Mermaid For You, I am currently building a blog for it that will be a hub for merfolk and ocean lovers.

mermaid for you

Vahine Exclusive, exclusively for womenpreneurs which I call Vahinepreneur and I offer workshops solely for women ready to take charge and build their own online biz from home (or anywhere in the world.)

• Appa & Khaleesi - still being built, for your pet dogs.

Dont be fooled, it’s a ton of work but it’s worth it and it allows me to take small trips which is what I live for! And you can do it too. I know a few people who have multiple Dropshipping stores online and you get to learn new skills that will be useful for the rest of your beautiful life! I’m happy to help too!

3 - Remote Counseling

It's just a matter of deciding you want to do something and you do it. I am a Mental Health Counselor by trade. I have 3 MAs in business management and Psych., and I worked in clinic for years before I started independently contracting, and now I only remote counseling, meaning over FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp. I charge $50/hour and I expect my clients to do their homework as needed. If they‘re not 101% committed I’ll know by the third session and I refer them to someone else. I value my time and other people’s time too so I only work with people devoted to their healing and loving themselves. As needed, I utilize other alternative therapy modalities and channeling in addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and I’m dedicared to people’s self-discovery and empowerment. I do encourage traveling and help make it happen if the people I work with are up to the adventure.

The sky's the limit with how many income streams you can have. I only hope that I’m in some small ways inspiring you to take charge of your financial freedom too so you can travel at your leisure and still make money from where you are!

Here are more ideas on how to generate extra income:



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