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"My Brothers Keeper" by Gloria Reuben

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Gloria Reuben - She's a talented singer, songwriter and actress. She is also now an author. But above all, she's my dear friend who advocates for self-empowerment, education, and healing through music.

Her first authored book is titled "My Brother's Keeper."

"The death of a sibling is unlike any other. Gloria Reuben’s little brother died just before his twenty-second birthday. Two decades later, her oldest brother Denis died two weeks short of his sixtieth birthday. Just as Gloria felt like she was finally healing from David’s death, the shock of Denis’ unexpected death was almost too much to take.

In My Brothers’ Keeper, Gloria bares her soul as she reveals the intimate details of her life at home as a young girl. How the death of her father when she was twelve shaped her view of love and life. How David’s death was the impetus for her move from Canada to the United States. And how her brother Denis was her heart’s twin in a multitude of ways. 

Gloria, most well known as an actress, debuts her talent as a writer in My Brothers’ Keeper, an intimate and honest tribute to David and Denis. Their lives. Their deaths. And the hope that awaits."

Her book is incredibly moving and provoking in so many ways. I relate with love and compassion with some of the turmoil she went through as her "brothers keeper." I relate to her heartfelt promptings and encouragement to the reader to seize the moment when your intuition tells you to do (or not do) something.

I gain more appreciation and love for this woman as I turn the pages of her book. Thank you, Gloria, for this gift and for being a gift to the world! If you're looking for a good and uplifting read, follow Gloria on Instagram (@mybrotherskeeperbookgloria) and get your copy today!


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