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Napeague State Park

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I just went to Napeague State Park to vlog while I did the Promise Land Loop trail! I seriously picked the worst time to film - high heat, humidity and starving mosquitoes. BUT, despite all that, it was all worth it! I love this place and there's hardly ever anyone that comes here in the summer because the mosquitoes are really out to get you! You'd have to be a little nuts to try getting from your car to the water lol!

Napeague State Park is in the Hamlet of Napeague in the Hamptons. The Promise Land Loop trail is an easy trail of 1.8 miles and ends on the Beach facing Gardiners Bay. From the park you can see two big hangars - they are what is left of the Smith Fish Meal Factory.

I discovered this trail in the winter and when I filmed the footage it was the beginning of summer with high heat and humidity as well as mosquitoes everywhere but on the beach. SO I apologize if I seem out of it in the intro video; well, it's because I was out of it and I don't like to pretend anything else. It gets very hot and humid here in the summer, mosquitoes and ticks are definitely issues in the woods but not on the beach. The beach here at Napeague State Park is beautiful and serene. There are hardly ever anyone here so if you have the right mosquito shield gear and repellent and you're brave enough to muscle through the trail you will be rewarded beyond words for your trouble. It is all worth it and if you come here in the winter, there are absolutely no problem except if you are looking to swim, then be willing to frolic in glacially cold waters.

In the summer like right now, the waters are like swimming in scintillating liquid of gold and diamonds! IT is absolutely exquisite but then again, wear a lab suit if you're going there! It is worth it! Enjoy my vlog on it below, like and subscribe please!


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