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National Kentucky Day

Happy National Kentucky Day! (OCT19)

There's a lot of cool things Kentucky is known for, like horse racing (hello Kentucky Derby), bourbon, moonshine, coal, bluegrass music, and - of course - Kentucky fried chicken! There's many state parks and sights to see, a lot are named after the famous Daniel Boone. I'd definitely like to visit there one day.

The Kentucky Derby

One thing I'd love to do is go to the Kentucky Derby! I've never been to something like that before, and it seems so fun. I'd wear the most extravagant hat and cutest dress I can find and sing along with the crowd while I watch the horses run. It's about $75 per ticket, and I think the experience would be well worth it. I may even treat myself to a mint julep!

Festival of the Bluegrass

Festival of the Bluegrass is an annual music festival that happens on the first weekend in June in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky is known for bluegrass music, so to me this just seems like a must-do! I'd definitely bring a camper and camp during that weekend so I can enjoy the artists and everything else the festival has to offer. They even host a music camp for kids that lasts a few days. I think it'd be lots of fun for a kid to try something new!

State Parks

There are 45 state parks in Kentucky, so it was hard to choose just one. But I think the one I want to go to most is Breaks Interstate Park. It's mostly in Virginia, but it's also in Kentucky! It's called a bi-state park. I chose this park because it's woodsy, but it's also near water! It has the best of both worlds. You can pretty much do anything here - hike, bike, boat, raft, swim, and even go to a movie or show in their outdoor theatre. What doesn't sound great about that?

Ripple Wine Bar

I couldn't include a list of things I want to do somewhere without including a winery! Or in this case, a wine bar. Ripple Wine Bar, in Covington, seems like a visitor and local favorite spot. I can order wine by the glass, and get some yummy food to go along with it. Their wine list is huge! It looks beautiful, and it's located in a historic spot. I'd spend the day walking around the different places, then end the night with a couple glasses with my loved one. They host lots of events, too. I'd love to try to get into one of their themed dinners!

Let me know what your must-sees in Kentucky are! I can't wait to plan a real trip there. I hope this inspired you to start planning yours!


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