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National Louisiana Day

Happy National Louisiana Day!

New Orleans - Jazz and heritage fest, mardi gras, beignets, seafood


Yes all of the above is fabulous! But for me what marked me for life in LA was this: the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge - it was so spectacular and it moved me in a way I’ve not felt before I decided to skip the Landry Vineyard and head out to Jackson MS with my mind and heart filled with the lake’s spellbounding experience (plus I spent such a long time there I needed to head out anyways) -


If you’re ever in Monroe, LA, here are


- Black Bayou Lake NWR

- Kiroli Park

- Landry Vineyard

- Layton Castle

- Dine at the Warehouse N1 Restaurant

See my vlog on the Black Bayou Lake NWR below from my YouTube channel:


*photos have been linked to sources*



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