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National New Hampshire Day

Happy National New Hampshire Day!

If you're like me, the only thing you really know about New Hampshire is that it is small, but seems filled with adventure! I looked up some stats and found out the state population is just over one million! Does that seem small to anyone else? Well, small or not, there are definitely things that I want to do here when I visit this state. Here are five places I've found that look like a must-see when you're in New Hampshire! They are places of all types - outdoorsy, family-friendly, and full of fun.

  • Clark's Bears

This family-owned theme park in Lincoln, New Hampshire, seems to have it all - literally! There's a Black Bear show, trains, museums and shops, acrobats, rides, and more. This is definitely a place I'd want to go to with a group of friends and family and spend a whole day, or even two, doing everything they have to offer! They even have special events you can go to! They're open in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic - with extra health and safety measures, of course - so go check them out!

  • Flume Gorge

Just look at how beautiful this picture is. I know I would love it here! This gorge is also located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, and spans about 800 feet across Mount Liberty. That's around five football fields long! You can check this gorge out by completing the two-mile, one-way hike around it. Be prepared to feel it the next day, because sources say it's a lot of stairs!

  • Canobie Lake Park

Canobie is an amusement park in Salem, New Hampshire. I've loved amusement parks my whole life! I still love them even though I'm not a kid anymore. There are tons of rides, and a water park area as you can see. This would be another great place for a family va/stay-cation. It looks so fun!

  • Hampton Beach State Park

Beach parks are always in my top five places to go anywhere on any coast. This beach park in Hampton, New Hampshire, offers tons of space and ocean. You can fish, play at the playgrounds, bring a picnic, wade in the water, and even stay overnight to camp! I love being outdoors, especially at the beach. Camping on the beach is on my bucket list, so this would be a place I'd have to go!

  • White Mountain National Forest

Look at this beautiful, snowy scene. I've never been extremely fond of snow, but I just might have to visit this national forest in the winter so I can see this for myself. I would love to get lost here on a hike or a scenic drive. I can imagine camping here and stargazing on a clear night. If you have the chance, go here! I definitely will.

As you can see, New Hampshire may be small but it sure packs a punch. There seems to be endless things to do, and things that appeal to all interests. I cannot wait to visit here one day.

*photos are linked to source. they are not mine


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