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National Tennessee Day


Happy National Tennessee Day! There are so many cool things about this state. Although I've never been (yet), there are tons of things I want to do once I visit. One cool thing about Tennessee is how many celebrities are from there. Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Morgan Freeman, Megan Fox, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Jonny Knoxville, and Elvis Presley name just a few. Tennessee is famous for their state capital - Nashville, AKA the "Music City." It's also where The Smokies are. They're also known for the famous Moon Pie's which are a tradition in Tennessee. I found some really exciting things I want to do and see when I'm there and wanted to share with you all.

1 - Graceland

Graceland was the home of Elvis Presley, which has been open to the public since 1982. Tours of his old home are offered and you're able to see pretty much everything, and also leave a little note there if you want. I think it would be so cool to walk in the same place he did. I am a big fan!

2 - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This park is located in between North Carolina and Tennessee. It looks absolutely beautiful! Just look at that sunset. It's home to black bears, waterfalls, and so much more. The park offers classes, tours, hikes, horseback riding, a visitors center, creeks, coves, and so much more. And I want to do it ALL! I'd gladly spend a week camping in this beautiful park so I can see everything there is. I love being in nature.

3 - Dollywood

Dollywood seems like such a fun place and it'd be great for a family trip! It's a park and resort with rides, water attractions, and a place to stay within the park. I'd love to bring my loved one and stay in one of their cabins, get some dinner with a show, and ride alllll the rides. Amusement parks are some of my favorites.

4 - Country Music Hall of Fame

First off, look at how huge this museum is! I think it would be so cool to go here - there are so many different attractions. I think the ones I wouldn't want to miss are "Shania Twain - Rock this Country", the Rotunda, "Kacey Musgraves - All of the Colors", and watch the ceremonial stole.

5 - Memphis World Champion Barbecue Cooking Contest

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE food, especially good BBQ. And what better place to get some good BBQ then right in the heart of Memphis, made by some of the best BBQ'ers around the world. Although you can't always get food from people in the competition, I still think it'd be so fun just to go, walk around, watch the cooks and competition, and eat from the vendors who also offer BBQ. Maybe I'd get lucky and get an invite from a team to try some of their food... who knows ;)

6 - CMA Fest

The Country Music Association Festival in Nashville is four whole days long and it seems like it's filled with so much fun. There are always big-name stars to go and see perform, as well as up-and-coming performers. I'd love to go and support their cause of raising money for higher quality music education. It's something I believe is very important!

Have you guys ever been to Tennessee? Let me know what your must do's there are, or what you'd like to do yourself!


*All photos have been linked to sources. I do not own any photos used.*



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