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Nebraska Living Memorial Gardens

I love gardens! I love flowers! I love Nature! I'm a tree hugger (for the most part because I'd be a hypocrite claiming I'm a real tree hugger considering I live in a house built out of wood!) So any time I get a change to visit an off the beaten- path garden, I take it!

While on my road trip from New York to Utah, I stopped every two hours or so to let the dogs out. I am always searching on google maps for "parks nearby me" and The Living Memorial Gardens caught my attention while driving through Nebraska. This beautiful hidden gem is located in the town of Sydney, Nebraska at 2200 Legion Park Rd in Legion Park - This all-volunteer created and maintained garden represents the role Sidney played in history and is home to Nebraska's first Angel of Hope Memorial. Legion Park houses the War Memorial commemorating veterans from all American wars, a 141-ft flagpole and one of the country's largest American flags. @visit_nebraska

The dogs and I had a wonderful break here and I met one of the volunteers who was so delightful and shared stories about the gardens.

So if you are ever in that area, stop by here and enjoy this enchanting site, open to the public.


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