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North Carolina's State Capitol

I have been in the road with my Maltese pups for the past 3 weeks now going home from Salt Lake City, UT, and I'm on a deadline. I must be home in New York in four days. It is not an option to just drive through these beautiful states without at least stopping at each state capitol building.

The North Carolina State Capitol (📍Raleigh, NC) - has been the active capitol building of the state since it opened in June of 1840. At one point, the building housed the office of the Governor, the Supreme Court and the chambers of the General Assembly, as well as various other state offices. Visit the Capitol to learn more about state government, citizenship, and the history of North Carolina and its capital city!

Walking around this Capitol made me think of all the piece series such as Adams, The North and The South and so many iconic movies that deserve rewatching!

Which movie(s) 🎥 do you suggest?

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