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One Of The Top 5 Great 'Old' Hotels Of America

We stayed at The Peery Hotel, Tapestry Collection by @hilton@tapestrycollection@peeryhotel because it is one of the few and more unique stays and pet friendly hotels downtown Salt Lake City, UT. We had a beautiful room with an “OMG this bed is like a cloud” memory foam mattress and the poochies loved staying under the bed for some reason! Anyways, thank you to the Peery Hotel for such a wonderful stay and for treating us like royalty! Have you stayed here before? How was your experience?

Established in 1910, the Peery was remodeled in 1999 as a chic boutique Salt Lake City hotel that simultaneously recalls its place in the history of Salt Lake City while catering to the discerning modern traveler.

Peery Hotel Named One Of The Top 5 Great 'Old' Hotels Of America

This classic gray hotel with white trim was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978... everywhere you look, you'll also find pieces from the old railroad and mining industries in the area, each of which played major parts in local history.

Historic Landmark Hotel. The late 19th and early 20th centuries brought eager speculators to Utah’s mining areas, but it was not until 1910 that a Salt Lake City hotel of incomparable quality was constructed to accommodate the individuals who had discovered wealth in the rich veins of Utah’s hills. Brothers David and Joseph Peery commissioned prominent European architect Charles Onderdonk to build a grand Salt Lake City hotel to accommodate business people and their families, and the resulting Peery Hotel was a three-story showcase of Prairie-style architecture combined with motifs of classical revival influence.


Photos: Peery Hotel


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