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Red River National Wildlife Refuge, a Must-See in Louisiana

The RED RIVER NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE is a Louisiana gem for nature lovers and an absolute must-do while in Shreveport, LA.

The poochies and I strolled along the paved trail to the Lake Caroline (that’s part of the refuge) where I was excited to finally see the famous bald cypress trees standing so regal in the middle of the lake. It was quite a site and I felt so much gratitude for how phenomenally beautiful this country is! I feel so blessed to be able to see such sites and enjoy all that it offers.

We also hoped to spot some alligators… alas! It will have to be for another time!

If you’re looking for a thrill ride here in nearby Shreveport, Greenwood - you can zip line over alligators at the Gators and Friends Amusement Park @gatorsandfriendsllc . Kids and adults absolutely love it! I would have loved it too, but it was closed while we were there and o ly opens weekends apparently 😩

🐊But if you’re here and are able to go, PLEASE TAG ME so I can follow your gators adventures!!!!🐊


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