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Tahitian Donuts

Have you tried Firifiri? Add this to your must try list for the islands of Tahiti. Firi firi is a coconut donut that is as delicious as its name is pretty. This is a Polynesian specialty that is traditionally eaten at breakfast. Originally from the island of Tahiti, it brings an exotic breeze to our taste buds.Firi firi is ubiquitous at breakfasts in Polynesia, and more precisely in Tahiti. It is usually eaten with coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It requires only a few ingredients in its preparation. Its particularity is based on the strong coconut aroma which explains why the people of Polynesia are very fond of it.

I keep fond memories of this staycation at @fareclubmoz where I enjoyed some delicious moments with my childhood friend, Rava @ravahenon and her family and friends - They made Firifiri (aka Tahitian donuts) for breakfast, which is a staple breakfast food in Tahiti

*Also featured in this reel @tevatefan who made coconut flavored Firifiri which was also so tasty!!!

There’s nothing like fresh firifiri for breakfast dipped in coffee before every bite! Yumm 🤤

Craving some Firifiri! If you want make some firifiri at home here is a recipe that looks authentic!



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