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The Inn Spot on the Bay

If you're looking for a little adventure outside of the crazy summer traffic in the Hamptons, go to The Inn Spot on the Bay!! I know you'll probably ask, "what bay?", so I'll tell you: the Shinnecock Bay! The inn is in the Ponquogue which is an area in the Hamptons Bay - a hamlet of Southampton.

The Inn Spot on the Bay sits in the center of Ponquogue, just at the entrance of the Pongueogue Bridge (which, by the way, spans 2,812 feet and cost $14 million to complete.) The Inn is also surrounded by other cool dives and restaurants! Their Inn was built in 1957! They all have internet, TV, AC, some even come with a kitchen, and of course all come with a fabulous view!

The co-owner, Chef Colette, gave me an overview of what to expect when coming here and explained why it's worth the drive!

Her and her partner have owned this cute spot since 2004, and have a small seaside inn with views of the bay. They do lots of events here like weddings and dinner parties. It's a perfect spot to get away and relax at the beach!! The restaurant menu has everything from small appetizers to seafood to Asian-style dishes - all made in house! They're definitely a farm-to-table restaurant. They try to catch their own seafood and if they can't they at least know the fishermen they get their products from. Same goes for their produce if they need something that they don't grow themselves. Super great local support! One of their best sellers is the Crustaceous Pot Pie, and it's exactly what you think it is! Delicious, freshly caught seafood in a warm pot pie. Talk about comfort on a plate. They also offer vegan and gluten free options, which makes it a great spot for anyone to try! Everything is fresh, in-season, and authentic and there's literally not one thing to disprove of here. One of my favorite things about this spot is their honey and honeycomb made from bees that they keep themselves! They use it on their desserts; it tastes and smells amazing.

Now, let's talk about their rose... They carry so many local options! French rose, Spanish rose, and even frozes!! They even have vodka made with rose wine. This place couldn't have a better drink menu. However, to get a drink you MUST order food. It's a new guideline due to Covid-19, so it's best to be aware before you go! Don't forget to buy one of their own designed special drinking mask. ;)

They are doing everything they can to follow mandates set in place to reduce the spread of the virus. So yes, they are still open! Which means you can still give them a visit!!

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For more info about The Inn, follow them on instagram! @theinnspotonthebay or check out their website!


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