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Welcome Hannah to my team!

Three years ago, my niece Hannah came to visit me in New York for her first time! We made so many memories, went so many places, and she met so many friends.

She had a lot of firsts on that trip! Her first train ride which was from Long Island to NYC! Her first taste of New York Pizza. Her first time seeing Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, and Central Park.

We went shopping in the heart of the city, spent time in local shops and cafes and ubering around to the different boroughs.

We explored all over Long Island as well. Since I work as a realtor, I was able to show her some incredible mansions in the Hamptons! Can't forget about the beaches either! Even though it was cold, we still loved walking along the shore of the many beaches that contour the east end of Long Island. The ocean is our happy place.

I loved that she was able to take this trip out to the East coast, and I know she loved it too!

Forward to today, she is now my new contributor and I am so grateful that we can work together and plan future adventures together!

Please welcome my new contributor, Hannah Cordoba - see her bio in our About



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