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Explorosé-ing at the Clovis Point Vineyard, Laurel NY

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I wasn't planning on going there - the plan was the Paumanok Winery but they were closed. So I just blindly picked a winery and my finger pointed to the Clovis Point Vineyard on my iPhone screen.

Heather Consoli greeted me with a big smile and I was equally happy to see that smile and the fact that I was the only one there, which to me, is ideal! (if you don't know me yet, I don't do well in crowded places like malls and restaurants, and places of that nature - but weirdly, I am okay when I travel and am in crowded streets or sites).

Anyways, Heather was kind and generous - she let me interview her and she was so helpful at helping understand their process of making wine, especially their rosé. They make one rosé, a delicious fruit-forward with a beautiful blush finish rosé.

Planted in 2001 and opened in 2007, Clovis Point is among the newer vineyards on Long Island, but they seek to make wines that, like their namesake implements, pass the test of time.

You can enjoy their wine anytime! They open seven days a week and every weekend they have live music to enjoy your wine with, accompanied with a nice selections of cheese platters and other light bites.

At the end of my visit, I feel like I had made a new friend and enjoyed a delicious wine of rosé! I look forward to my next visit here when I can come back with friends and when life music is playing!

Please watch the following video for more on my visit there!

Clovist Point Vineyard & Winery

1935 Main Rd, Jamesport, NY 11947

(631) 722-4222

Follow them on IG @clovispointwines


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