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Wineries in Rhode Island

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Photo by Michael Denning

Although this state is small, the smallest in the United States, in fact, it sure packs a punch with their wineries. I've never been there, but I'd love to go! I want to see anything and everything I can in every state! When I do make it to Rhode Island, these are the wineries I would love to visit. I've found 5 that you can also add to your list of places to go if they appeal to you as well! I hope this post inspires you to start planning your trip to Rhode Island!

Little Compton, RI

This gem of a winery has unique, award winning wines! All their grapes are grown locally and picked by hand. The winery hosts events, has a tasting room, and is dog friendly - score!! (They just have to be on a leash while you're there.) Their rose sounds out of this world!

Cumberland, RI

Vintage wines made with a delicious variety of fruit... what more could you need? This winery offers tastings and garden parties. They have some wines I've never even imagined before - I'd love to try their blueberry and/or their spiced apple wines! Yum!

North Kingstown, RI

Cousins and also co-founders, Liana and Paul, get the ingredients for their wine from all around the world! How cool is that? They want the best sourced fruits for their customers. Their rose sounds delicious and of course that's what I'd want to try first - you know me! I definitely want to take advantage of their wine tastings. Finish off the tasting with a free glass!

Portsmouth, RI

Live jazz, picnics, estate-grown wine. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect Sunday. Greenvale offers all this and more! Visit them for wine tastings, a private tour, or even one of their special events!

West Greenwich, RI

This Vineyard actually started out as a farm that grew mainly Christmas trees! It wasn't until around 10 years ago that the owners started to also grow strawberries, blueberries and grapes so they could start making wine. They're open for booking for any special events you have coming up! Make sure to check them out!


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