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5 Reasons Why I love Sag Harbor, NY

Even during this time of social distancing, we still need for some fresh air and to stimulate our brain cells by going and exploring what's nearby.

Here in Sag Harbor, NY, I found 5 reasons why I love this town and they kept me sane while social distancing:

Well technically it is mostly known as the Barcelona Neck Preserve but it is officially the Linda Gronlund Memorial Nature Preserve at Barcelona Neck! But who wants to say the whole thing every time you refer to it!

I bring the puppies here almost every day. It's not too long of a walk and not too short so that they're still full of energy after and it's a decent way to start the day being just under three miles if you stay on the main trail that leads to the beach at the neck, which is where the preserve faces the Northwest Harbor beach. It is beautiful and peaceful and on a calm day, ideal for stand up paddling or kayaking. It attracts a lot of fishermen too and as the summer unveiled itself with its nice warm temperatures that caress your skin so tenderly, a lot of families come spend their days here and some even camp even though it is not a camping site.

I mean, come on, who doesn't like donuts! Donut pretend otherwise, I wouldn't believe you for one second! LOL

This is where I come to get my coffee most of the time and when I want one of their delicious donut sandwiches, which are soooooo hard to resist!

Also the staff is fabulous and super sweet and they always come up with new flavors. In other words, this place is a must go to if you're visiting Sag Harbor, and I have not had better donuts anywhere else!

What's not to love about tacos and tequila?! Both those things put anyone in a good mood. KPASA is one of my absolute faaaavorite places to go on a Tuesday night with friends (or really any day and time) for good food, good drinks, and good times. The staff is so kind and the place feels so homey. Definitely a place you have to go when you visit Sag Harbor.

Like any normal person, I love love loooove pizza! Sag Pizza has some of the best I've ever had, along with delicious pasta dishes, salads, and wines of course. There's live music and seating along the bar where you can see the staff make the pizzas to order, right in front of you! It's very entertaining. The people here are some of the best I've met!

5. ELIZABETH A. MORTON WILDLIFE REFUGE I love nature and I love people who do their best to protect it. This place has both! The beaches here are so beautiful, I love to walk along the sand here and admire the wildlife.

There's so many things to do here! I've fished, looked at the wildlife, taken pictures, and been educated about the refuge. It's definitely a must-see if you're a nature lover like me!


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