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The Fairway Restaurant for Hole #4

The Fairway Restaurant is no doubt the Jewel of Sagaponack.

Twenty years ago, a man was offered a restaurant to run in Sagaponack. After denying once, he changed his mind and began to see the potential in the small, dark cafe. This restaurant has now been owned for twenty years by a man named Danny, and his family helps him run it. He nicknames it the "cafe on the green" because of it's location on the golf course. For a while, many people believed you had to golf in order to eat at the restaurant, but you don't! All are welcome.

From a dim diner to a booming restaurant, Danny has turned The Fairway Restaurant into a constantly-busy place for breakfast and lunch (and sometimes dinner.) They're open 363 days out of the year! They only close on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day - talk about dedication to the customers.

The Fairway Restaurant is conveniently located in the middle of Long Island, and the golf course is just right next to it if you want to take a swing there before or after your meal. It welcomes all sorts of people, from the next door farmer to Jimmy Fallon to Paul McCartney!

my fave here is the Hole#4 - The blueberry banana pancakes with ham and eggs!

After I ate I went to enjoy the views of the ocean nearby, and you should do that too! Check out this vlog to learn more about Danny and his restaurant!

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