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5 Cool Skills You Can Learn in Tahiti

I got stuck in Tahiti for nearly five months! I mean I had to pause and see the positive in this situation!

I took advantage of it to explore other islands and learn some new skills that you can only learn here because it's innate to the culture!

Here are 5 skills you can hone in on during this time of uncertainty and it will give you a renewed sense of control over your life and also make you appreciate the simple island life more.

1. Learn to play the ukulele.


Play through. Play on with Fender.

2. Take Tahitian dance classes - ORI TAHITI

You can learn online also with my all time favorite, Mareva Bouchaux. For English speaking teachers, turn to me!

I learned to dance the following with Mareva Bouchaux

3. Learn how to weave baskets, hats, bags and more out of coconut palm fronds!

Weaving baskets with coconut palm fronds is an age-old tradition, especially in tropical regions like Tahiti, where the abundance of palm trees makes the fronds a readily available and sustainable resource. To begin weaving a basket, first collect several sturdy, mature fronds that are free from damage. Trim off any excess foliage and remove the spine or midrib from each frond, leaving only the individual leaflets. Soak the leaflets in water for about an hour to increase their pliability and prevent breakage during weaving. Once softened, take two leaflets and cross them at their centers, forming an "X" shape. This will create the base of the basket. Add more leaflets, layering them over one another at the same angle, until the base reaches the desired size. To secure the base, fold the ends of each leaflet over the adjacent one, tucking them under to create a secure, interlocking pattern. This process is known as a "simple over-and-under weave." As you work, ensure that the weave remains tight and even. For the sides of the basket, continue weaving the leaflets upwards, bending them gently to create the desired shape. When the basket reaches the preferred height, trim any excess length from the leaflets and tuck the ends into the weave to secure them in place. With practice and patience, you can create beautiful, functional baskets using this traditional coconut palm frond weaving technique.

Here's a treat for you - i filmed this guy weaving hats out of coconut palm fronds while in Mataiva.

4. Learn to spear fish

Spear fishing is a sport and a spiritual practice as well. My ancestors only spearfished as needed and followed the seasons of the moon. Today it's a sport and the competition is fierce. But let me assure you that when you spearfish to feed yourself or your loved ones, nothing compares to it.

Here is where you can learn to spearfish or go on a spearfishing adventure:

5. Learn to make Monoi

Monoi, a traditional Tahitian oil, is made by infusing the fragrant petals of the Tiare Tahiti flower (Gardenia taitensis) in pure coconut oil. This luxurious, natural oil has been used for centuries in Polynesia for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, and is renowned for its delightful aroma. To make monoi at home, start by selecting fresh, high-quality Tiare flowers, ensuring they are free of pesticides. Next, gather cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil, which retains the maximum amount of nutrients and aroma. Gently wash and pat dry the flowers before placing them in a glass jar. Pour the coconut oil over the flowers, ensuring they are fully submerged, and seal the jar. Store it in a warm, dark place for at least two weeks to allow the oil to absorb the fragrance and properties of the flowers. Shake the jar gently every few days to ensure an even infusion. Once the infusion process is complete, strain the oil through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth, discarding the flower petals. Store the finished monoi oil in a clean, airtight container, and use it to moisturize your skin, condition your hair, or for a soothing massage experience.

My favorite Monoi is made by a friend who started her own business called Rau Hotu. You will find the best Monoi products here. She also gives lessons on how to make Monoi during my Women's Retreats in Tahiti. Otherwise, the pioneer in making Monoi known to the world is Tiki Parfumerie.


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