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7 Wonders of Virginia State (that must be on your bucket list!)

Happy National Virginia Day!

I've never been to Virginia, but it's on my bucket list. It definitely seems like a great place to go if you're a history buff like me. There's so many things you can do and so many things to see. You can take tours - guided or self-guided, of the historic landmarks along the Virginia border in Washington DC. There's museums, nature or amusement parks, and even, you guessed it, beaches to visit!

One thing I'd love to do while I'm in Virginia is visit Washington DC. The things to see there are endless.

  • Lincoln Memorial

I would love to go to this monument! I think it'd be so cool to see how big it is in person.

  • Arlington National Cemetery

I want to go to this cemetery to honor and pay respect to those who have served and died for our country. We all owe them everything! America wouldn't be America without them.

  • Smithsonian Museums

I love museums! There is so much to see and learn about. Did you guys know there are more than 10 Smithsonian Museums?! I think that's absolutely insane. Imagine touring them all one day. That's definitely a goal of mine.

  • The Tidal Basin

Look at this gorgeous picture! Who wouldn't want to see it in person? This basin is located in West Potomac Park. You can walk around the park and stop to see the reservoir.

  • The White House

I think The White House is something you NEED to see if you ever have the opportunity! There are even free tours offered! How could you say no?

Don't worry! There are so many other things in I want to do in Virginia that aren't in Washington DC.

  • Appalachian Trail

I love hikes! It doesn't matter which state I'm visiting or living in. If there's hikes to do, I'm doing them. The trail actually spans hundreds of miles, so of course it isn't realistic to do the whole thing. But I'd love to hike some while I'm in Virginia! Just look at the view!

  • Virginia Beach

The beach is another thing that I have to visit in any state on either cost. I'm just happiest near the ocean. This beach is beautiful, and it's huge! The shore line goes on for miles. I'd love to bring my family and pups there for an awesome beach day.

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