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A Stay at Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO: An Enchanting Experience in a 700-year-old Castle

I have always been fascinated by the intriguing blend of history, culture, and luxurious living. Recently, I had the privilege of living this fascination to the fullest when I stayed at the illustrious Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO in Erba, Italy. Staying in this castle, which boasts a glorious history dating back seven centuries, was not just an accommodation experience; it was a journey back in time.

Located in the verdant town of Erba, nestled between the picturesque Lake Como and the bustling city of Milan, Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO is nothing short of a living legend. The imposing structure, the grandeur of its past, and the finesse of its present make this castle an ideal retreat for history enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike.

The Castle's Architecture

The first thing that strikes you about this place is its remarkable architecture. Encapsulating the charm of the Middle Ages, the castle sports the classic Italian Renaissance style with a hint of Gothic intricacy. Massive stone walls flank the enormous gates that welcome you into the realm of regality. Staying in this castle, you'll be treated to a splendid display of medieval grandeur infused with modern comforts.

The Accommodation

Each room at Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO is a masterpiece, uniquely designed to reflect a distinct era of its history. The room I stayed in was a beautiful blend of contemporary luxury and medieval architecture with stone-clad walls and a towering ceiling. Despite being 700 years old, the castle is well-maintained, and the room had all the modern amenities you could ask for, including a comfy king-size bed, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a lavish ensuite bathroom. The vintage furnishings and the art pieces added an additional touch of elegance to the overall ambiance.

Unique Features

The uniqueness of Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO extends far beyond its rooms. The castle is set in a sprawling park of age-old trees, manicured gardens, and scenic walking paths, offering a serene sanctuary for those seeking tranquility. Its beautifully kept Italian garden is perfect for a leisurely stroll, where every corner unfolds a new vista of the castle’s magnificence.

Another distinctive feature of the castle is its historical chapel. The Chapel of St. Theresa, with its exquisite frescoes and ornate altar, allows you to soak in the spiritual aura of centuries past. It was a humbling experience to witness the chapel's enduring faith and tradition.

Food and Drink

The gastronomic journey at the Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO is another tale worth telling. The castle's restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Dining in the vaulted banquet hall, I was treated to an array of delectable dishes prepared using fresh local ingredients. The local Lombardy wines were the perfect companion to these culinary delights, and the impeccable service added to the overall dining experience.

In conclusion, staying at the Hotel CASTELLO di CASIGLIO in Erba is a unique experience that marries history, culture, and luxury in a captivating manner. It's an escape from the humdrum of daily life into a world of age-old elegance, grandeur, and tranquility. This is not just a place to sleep; it's a place to live, learn, and love. If you ever find yourself in this part of Italy, I highly recommend indulging in the unique experience that this castle hotel offers.

See my vlog about the accommodation below


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