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Beach Destinations in Connecticut

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Photo by Rusty Watson


I've lived in quite a few states in my lifetime, and Connecticut happens to be one of them. It's part of New England, which I think is very cool. There's so much rich history in this part of the United States. Plus here on the east coast we have beautiful beaches and the best food. Hello lobster rolls!! I can't wait to go back to Connecticut one day and completely take advantage of all the state has to offer. I've done some researching and found three beach destinations that are a must-visit while in this state!

water's edge resort and spa CT
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The first one I'd like to visit is Waters Edge Resort & Spa in Westbrook. It's right on the water, hence the name. There are so many amenities, there's live entertainment, and there's even a pool with a beach view if you don't feel like getting sandy. Plus only ten minutes away are wine trains and vineyards!! I'm SOLD!

Another one I'd love to visit is the Madison Beach Luxury Hotel. I mean, just the name sounds amazing! Beach luxury... who doesn't want that. This hotel is also right on the water in Madison, CT. There are local attractions including, you guessed it, a winery!! They say this is a perfect place for a couples retreat, and I do not doubt them.

The last beach destination in Connecticut I found isn't necessarily a hotel, but it still seems like a ton of fun! It is Ocean Beach Park in New London. It's a white sand beach with a boardwalk, pool, rides, mini golf, and soooo much more! It seems like such a fun place to spend the day with family when they come to visit you, or if you take a vacation there. I'd love to let my inner child out here, and spend the day enjoying what the park has to offer.


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