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Camp Hero Adventures

Have you been to this spot in Montauk yet? By the bluffs at Camp Hero is a perfect place to just be and enjoy the ocean.

I ventured to Camp Hero only once before, last winter. I got lost. This time I went back with Lulia and had a blast! I hope you enjoy reading about our day and our little adventure at Camp Hero where we took advantage to do a little photo sesh at one of the 16-inch gun casemates.

The first stop in our adventure was at Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill. If you've never been, I highly recommend! There coffee and food is so good - it left us so full and satisfied. Check out their website HERE.

Once we got to Camp Hero we started our hike. We talked about empowerment and dreams and much more us vahinepreneurs need to think about.

The ocean view during this hike is absolutely beautiful! Check out this spot Lulia and I found. We hiked down the hill to the shoreline and enjoyed the views, peace and serenity the ocean has to offer. I even found a small shelter! It was so cool.

Check out my vlog below for more footage of the incredible views.

Camp Hero is such a cool place with a lot of history behind it. They even plan to add exhibits to the places already there so you can learn more about WW2 and the Cold War. I definitely recommend this place to anyone, especially if you're into history.

From Wikipedia (about Camp Hero):

"The site known as Camp Hero, or the Montauk Air Force Station, was originally commissioned by the U.S. Army in 1942. Camp Hero was originally a coastal defense station that was disguised as a fishing village, and its location was chosen to prevent a potential invasion of New York from the sea. Camp Hero was named after Major General Andrew Hero, Jr., who was the Army's Commander of coastal artillery, who died in 1942. Three gun batteries were built at Camp Hero, replacing most of the other heavy guns in the Harbor Defenses of Long Island Sound, which also included Fort H. G. Wright, Fort Michie, and Fort Terry. Two batteries of two 16-inch guns each were built, Batteries 112 and 113 (officially named Battery Dunn). Another battery of two 6-inch guns was also built, Battery 216. All three batteries consisted mainly of a large concrete bunker covered with earth, containing ammunition magazines and fire control equipment. The 16-inch guns were protected by large casemates, the 6-inch guns by shields."

If you ever visit the Hamptons, make sure to include this state park to your itinerary!

*Thank you, Lulia, for sharing this adventure with me! I look forward to our next one in Massachusetts.


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