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Happy Love Day from Tupai!

Did you know Tahiti has a heart shaped atoll?!

If you are looking for an off the beaten path spot for a proposal, to make your honeymoon even more special, or simply to impress your partner we suggest you take a private helicopter to Tupai and watch the magic unfold!

Located only 10 miles North of the famous island of Bora Bora is the heart-shaped atoll of Tupai. It is the island of “Pere,” goddess of fire and passion, a place so untouched and pristine that visiting it is a privilege. This small atoll of 11 km2 has no residents or hotels. A small airstrip was built in 2001 but it is virtually unused. Tupai is a real natural paradise, it has a double lagoon with a motu covered in palm trees. A few diving clubs come to visit the island and explore the lagoon. You can find many species of birds and sea turtles that come to lay eggs on the beach in November.

Photos: Stephan Debelle Photography

Source: Tahiti Tourism


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