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Support Local in Patchogue, Long Island

Happy new week my dear friends! Also, good luck and happy phase-3-transition to all businesses here in New York! Restaurants and personal care are now open again. All I have to say is: support your local business!! I want to highly recommend a few local businesses that I LOVE, and encourage you all to try them for yourselves.

The first one is a classy, authentic Italian restaurant called Locale. It's in the heart of downtown Patchogue and is perfect if you're looking to go for a nice dinner instead of a typical bar scene. They have such a vast variety of foods, and their pizzas are to die for!

If you're looking for something new and delicious, I also recommend a restaurant called Gallo. It serves authentic Colombian food, and has been serving its creations since 2002. They even have daily drink specials and house wines.

I lastly want to recommend a Winery of course! This one is the 333 East Main Street Wines & Liquor. The owner is so friendly, and they have such a big collection to choose from. If you're not sure about anything, you can even go for a tasting!

It's so important to support local businesses during this crazy time as they are struggling to stay in business. I'd love comments if you went anywhere I recommended, or if you have your own local recommendations!

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